Abou me

I am Dr. Piera Briganti, I have 37 years, I’m an italian clinical psychologist and  psychotherapist.

First I graduaded  Clinical Intervencion Sciences in the University of Urbino, Italy; then I continued my studies in the same university taking a Master Degree in Clinical Psychology. I was an intern in the Public Heath Service, in mental healt centres an clinical psychology units. Then I did my residency in a geriatric hospital, a research centre about demencias and neurodegeneratives diseases, the INRCA hospital in Ancona, Italy.
I took a postgraduade specialization in psychotherapy in S.P.C. school in Rome, directed by Dr. Francesco Mancini.
I’m trained in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, I am a Schema Therapist, the integrative approach developed by the American psychologist Jeffrey Young, and I’m a EMDR certified therapist by the Italian and the Spanish Association for EMDR .


I have chosen to practice interventions based on a solid scientific literature of efficacy in treating psychopathology.
I believe in advance and research in psychology and also i think that is the clinician’s responsibility and obligation to study and update the practice to offer the client the best chance to win his/her wellbeing and mental health back.