Abou me

I am Dr. Piera Briganti, I’m 38 and italian, I’m a licenced clinical psychologist and  a psychotherapist.

I graduaded  in Clinical Intervencion Sciences in the University of Urbino, Italy; then I continued my studies in the same university taking a Master Degree in Clinical Psychology.

I did my internship and part of my residency in the Italian Public Heath Service, in mental health centres an clinical psychology units, both for adults and chidren/adolescents.

Then I spent 5 years during my residency in a geriatric hospital, a research centre in demencias and neurodegeneratives diseases, the INRCA hospital in Ancona, Italy.

During that period I worked on diagnosis of neurocognitive disorders and demencias, and to practice support intreventions on caregivers of patients living with Alzheimer’s disease, Frontotemporal demencia and Parkinson’s disease, among the others.

I then took a postgraduade 4 years specialization in cognitive psychotherapy at the S.P.C. school in Rome, directed by Dr. Francesco Mancini, neuropsychiatrist and psychotherapist,  internationally known for his interest in the OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder.

The school I chose allowed me to develop a wide knowledge on the evidence-based therapies’ landscape, because of the Insitute ‘s interest  on research and scientific update.

I’m trained in Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, and in Schema Therapy, the integrative approach developed by the American psychologist Jeffrey Young.

I came in touch with EMDR therapy and discovered its efficacy, so I decided to become an EMDR certified therapist by the official Italian Association for EMDR psychotherapy, and to continue my recurrent training with the Spanish Association as well .

I have chosen to practice only interventions based on a solid scientific literature of efficacy in treating psychopathology.
I believe in advance and research in psychology and i think that is the clinician’s responsibility and obligation to study and update the practice to offer the client the best chance to win back his/her wellbeing and mental health.