EMDR Therapy Online

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing



With EMDR online,
your negative or traumatic experiences
will be reprocessed
in a fast and completely safe form.
I will always be with you,
face to face, to guide the process.

How online EMDR works

More and more therapists choose to do EMDR therapy online, as it represents an easy way to access evidence-based treatment from any part of the planet, with modern technologies.

EMDR Online is done “face-to-face” with a real therapist, using a secure connection.

You will need a good internet connection, a PC or a tablet with a camera or your smartphone.

The session is conducted remotely, so it’s up to you to choose the location you will be connecting from.

Nevertheless I advise you to read my suggestions:


Make yourself comfortable

Some people find a room in their home more comfortable, while others may not be comfortable in their house. If you feel the same way, you can ask a friend or a family member to give you a quiet place in their home for the duration of your session.

Take your time and your space

The online session of EMDR is your moment, when you face key experiences of your existence to solve a problem or a symptom. Don’t let anything distract you during your hour, in order to get the maximum benefit.

Bilateral stimulation

Online EMDR therapy includes bilateral stimulation, which is administered through saccadic eye movements, or through tapping (butterfly hug techinque). Make sure you can move freely and find a private place where these gestures won’t catch other people’s attention.

Feel free to express your feelings

While working with EMDR online you could experience high emotional levels. If this happens, it is important to feel free to express them, for example through crying. So make sure to find a private environment where you can feel comfortable.

At the heart
of the problems

EMDR psychotherapy is considered a short-term treatment compared to other “spoken” therapies.
EMDR has a unique ability, in the field of psychotherapy, to access unresolved memories.

Using the floatback technique, the affect bridge and other assessement tools, we will access memory networks where are stored the experiences that still affect you.

Once we’ll have identified these connections, you’ll understand more clearly the reason why you experience some symptoms or get stuck in harmful behaviors over and over.

Then, after we’ll have ended preparation and assessed your ability to tolerate EMDR, we will proceed reprocessing the key memories with EMDR protocol.

Online EMDR Therapy

The same effectiveness

The use of EMDR online is becoming increasingly widespread in the treatment of problems related to adverse or traumatic experiences. Clinical experience and studies show that EMDR online is just as effective as in office. 

The utmost confidentiality

EMDR online is face-to-face therapy, performed with video-calling HIPPA compliants apps. Choose a private and quiet place where you can feel free to talk about your experiences. During an EMDR session you may experience strong emotions, so choose a place where you can feel free to express them.

The same safety

With EMDR online your negative/ traumatic experiences will be reprocessed effectively and fast. The same precautions as in-office therapy are valid, to ensure your safety and the timing to introduce bilateral stimulation. I will always be with you to make sure everything goes smoothly.

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