Online Psychotherapy

Welcome to this space dedicated to online psychotherapy!

Until some time ago it was not even conceivable to replace the personal relationship with such a professional figure like the clinical psychologist with a distance relationship.

Today, videoconference technology has made possible a new form of psychological intervention that links the study of the psychotherapist to any point on the planet!

Every day more therapists do their work online, making possible to everyone to receive a highly specilized intervention such as psychotherapy.

How does it work?

As we were seeing in a face to face consult, I will be receiving you from my office, while you’ll be connecting by your home.

Sessions will take place in videocalling via Skype (or other apps).

All you will be needing is a good intenet connection, a pc/Mac,  a tablet or a smartphone, and a quiet environment, suitable to ensure the necessary confidentiality for therapy to be practiced.

Which Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is not only one, there are many and based on different theoretical models, although in many cases as good as others.
EMDR is an evidence-based psychotherapy, which means that is efficacy has been proven by many scientific studies, and in several settings.

Need more information about EMDR? Read this article, or ask form informations here!


Who’s choosing  this service?

Everyone can ask for online psychotherapy, there’s no need to fulfill no requirement! In my experience, the majority of peolple asking for online therapy belongs to these groups:

Peolple living abroad. It’s not always possible to find a therapist who offers a specific type of treatment, such as EMDR, in the city  you’r living. Or the waiting list of the public service is too saturated. So the search turns to private mental health professionals.

University students. Busy with classes and internships, or abroad for Erasmus, PhD programs, can follow their lessons and work, counting on the possibility to receive psychological intervention also if they live away from home.

People who often travel for work and who may not have the chance to be present with continuity.

Managers of companies with foreign offices, frequent flyers, travellers.

People with health problems, or unable to physically move to the psychologist’s study.

Obligations and standards of the therapist

The guarantee of professionalism, the competence of the psychologist and the ethic rules of the clinical practice are the very same as every clinical practice, be  it in your country or another one.

You will be asked to sign and send a scan of the informed consent to treatment.

…and of the client!

Likewise, the obligations of common sense and respect for any meeting with a health professional are the same for the patient:

Even if it is an online appointment, the therapist is not virtual at all and needs to organize his planning!

The costs of an online psychological session

The parcel for each therapy session is €50, in line with the average of the fees for specialized health professionals.

Payments are made by bank transfer, to ensure traceability and the transactions security.