Dr. Piera Briganti PsyD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist and EMDR Psychotherapist

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

My history

Life has led me to face different adversities, but also to develop an interest in the influence of events on the mind and personality.

That’s why I chose to graduate in clinical psychology and become a psychotherapist. I wanted to teach people how to stop suffering and learn to overcome difficult moments.

It was not a simple or linear path even for me, precisely because of the signs that my past experiences had left me.

Thanks to EMDR, I managed to overcome past experiences. I realized that it could really help a lot of people to overcome their traumas quickly and deeply. So I decided to take the EMDR certification myself, through the EMDR Association for Italy and become an EMDR therapist.

I am a member of EMDR Italy, EMDR Spain, and EMDRIA.

I have been working with EMDR online for several years now, and this allows me to help people from different countries around the world, expanding the potential of this surprisingly effective therapy.

Dr. Piera Briganti PsyD

Dr. Piera Briganti PsyD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Member of EMDRIA, EMDR International Association
EMDR Italy and EMDR Spain

License n° 2413 (Italy)

License n° P-02298 (Spain)

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My values

Science at the service of health

As a professional, I prefer to practice evidence-based therapeutic approaches, because psychotherapists face a huge ethical responsibility. This is why I fight against the spread of “pseudotherapies” and all those approaches that have not been validatet by solid scientific research.

Constant updating

We have the health of the population in our hands, and that is why it is our duty to keep abreast of new discoveries, studies and new applications of therapies.

The therapeutic relationship

The pragmatic and scientific character of EMDR does not make it a sterile or impersonal treatment, on the contrary. When the key memories of a patient’s existence are brought to light, empathy and respect for suffering are essential healing tools.

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