EMDR Therapy Online

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing



With EMDR online,
you will process all the negative or traumatic experiences from the past,
rapidly and in total safety.

Online Emdr Therapy

Goes straight at the heart
of the problems

EMDR has a unique ability to access unresolved traumas in the field of psychotherapy.

Using specific techniques, we will access memories  that are still affecting you, causing anxiety, stress,  insecurities etc…

You will clearly understand the reason why you experience those symptoms or struggle with behaviors that you’ve being trying to change for a very long time.

Then we will proceed reprocessing the key memories with EMDR protocol and you’ll start to see the amazing results this therapy is able to achieve:  symptoms spontaneously go away, difficulties are easier to overcome, relationships thrive.

EMDR is an evidence-based treatment.
Results are guaranteed.

Online Emdr Therapy

How online EMDR works

More and more therapists choose to do EMDR therapy online, as it represents an easy way to access evidence-based treatment from any part of the planet, with modern technologies.

EMDR Online is done face-to-face with a real therapist, on videocall, using a secure connection.

All you need is a good internet connection, a PC or a tablet with a camera or your smartphone.

The session is conducted remotely, the therapist from the office and the clients from a location of choice. 


Bilateral stimulation online

Online EMDR therapy includes bilateral stimulation, which is administered through eye movements, tapping (butterfly hug techinque)  or audioty stimulation, same as an in person session.

Take your time and your space

The online session of EMDR is your moment, when you face key experiences of your existence to solve a problem or a symptom.
Don’t let anything distract you during your hour, in order to get the maximum benefit from it.

Feel free to express your feelings

Working with EMDR online, it’s possible to experience emotional activations .  Make sure to find a private environment where you can feel comfortable express them.

EMDR Online: all the advantages

Online EMDR Therapy 1

As effective as in person

Online EMDR Therapy 2

From every spot of the globe

Online EMDR Therapy 3

Compliant to social distancing

Online EMDR Therapy 4

Zero emissions

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