Online EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing



With online EMDR Psychotherapy,
you will process
your negative or traumatic experiences
quickly and totally safely.

EMDR online

Straight to the heart of problems.

EMDR possesses a unique ability in the field of psychotherapies to resolve unprocessed trauma.
Using specific techniques, we will access the memories that still affect you today and are the basis of anxiety, stress, insecurities etc…

You will understand why you have been stuck for so long, unable to heal and evolve.

The reprocessing of those memories with the EMDR protocol is fast and you will appreciate the improvement from session to session.

Symptoms subside spontaneously, difficulties become easier to overcome, and relationships improve.

EMDR is an evidence-based approach.
Results are guaranteed.

EMDR online

How online EMDR works

With online EMDR Therapy the session takes place on video call.

Be sure to have a working internet connection, a laptop, a tablet or your smartphone.

The therapist connects from the office, while the client from a place of their choice.


Bilateral Stimulation Online

EMDR therapy uses Bilateral Stimulation, which is administered through eye movements, tapping (butterfly hug) or through auditory tones, online as in person.

Take your time and space

The online EMDR session is your own moment, where you face key experiences of your existence to resolve a problem or a symptom. Make sure nothing distracts you during your hour, to make the most of it. Choose the most appropriate space (home, office, etc.).

Feel free to express yourself

Working with online EMDR you could experience strong emotions related to the activating memories. So make sure you find a private space where you feel comfortable experiencing your feelings.

Online EMDR Therapy: the advantages

Terapia EMDR online è efficace come in studio

As effective as in person

Il terapista EMDR sempre con te

Wherever you are in the world

EMDR Online: sicurezza totale per salvaguardare la salute

Completely Safe

Senza spostamenti riduciamo le emissioni di CO2


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